Become a Better Dev in 2021


Become A Better Dev In 2021

A collection of helpful developer guides from the Hashnode community

Co-authored by 30 amazing developers from Hashnode Community

Developer Essentials

Essential advice and tips for those who are getting into web development in 2021. Get a web dev roadmap, figure out skills to learn in 2021, and understand mistakes to avoid through easily digestible chapters.

Learning Hacks and Productivity

Learn how to learn and ask questions effectively, and grow as a developer through a set of hand-picked articles from Hashnode.

Contributing to Open Source

Contributing to open source is one of the ways to accelerate your growth as a developer. In this section, learn how to contribute to open source, solve real problems and become better at coding.

Technical Writing

Technical writing not only helps you reinforce your learnings but also helps you become a better developer. In this section top writers from Hashnode teach you how to become a better technical writer and develop a habit of writing.

Landing a Job

Finding a job as a junior engineer is probably very challenging. Learn from the folks who were able to successfully land a programming job with hard work and motivation. Learn from their mistakes, get inspired and get ready to find your dream job in 2021.

Resources and Tools to use

Top VS Code extensions, GitHub Repos, amazing portfolio inspirations and dev tools - everything you need to excel as a web dev in 2021.