Moving Blockstack (STX) from into Crypto Market



The Blockstack Airdrop has now been completed, and registration is closed.

For our second airdrop, we partnered with Blockstack to give away Stacks tokens (STX) to eligible Gold-verified users. All you need to do to receive your tokens is to be a Wallet user and get Gold-verified if you haven’t already. Don’t have a Wallet? Sign up here!

For regulatory reasons, residents in the US, Canada, and Japan were not eligible to participate in this specific airdrop.

It is anticipated that each eligible user will receive $10 in Stacks tokens (STX). We plan to airdrop to all eligible users at the same time and expect Stacks to land in your Wallet in January/February of 2020. We’ll notify you when your Stacks tokens have dropped, so keep an eye on your email inbox.

The Stacks token (STX) is the native asset of the Blockstack network. Learn more about Blockstack here. Full currency support for STX (with send and receive functionality) will also be coming to the Blockchain Wallet later in 2021. Due to regulatory restrictions, airdropped Stacks are subject to a one year lock-up period and cannot be transferred or sold.

Note: identity verification is not required to use the Wallet; however, it is required to receive tokens from the Airdrop Program.


Airdrop tahun 2019


  1. Download wallet disini

  2. Backup Phrase di catet tuh di notepad atau tulis dibuku.

  3. Buka wallet, pilih “I already have a wallet”


  4. Send ke wallet market


  5. Done!

Enjoyy 🤗